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New Covenant Cristian Church is a committed fellowship of believers, identified and dynamically involved with a local body of Christians, who have placed themselves under the authority of Jesus Christ.

New Covenant Christian Church operates as a divinely established relationship between God and His people, whereby they agree to function in harmony with other believers under His designated structure of authority in accordance with the revealed guidelines of scripture, resulting in long term consequences over time. This relationship is called a covenant.

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Welcome to the empowering gospel ministry of Bishop Bill Hines – a place where Christ is exalted, families matter, and lives are being changed.

Bishop Hines would like to thank the New Covenant Christian Church family and all those who partnered with and invested in this ministry for one common purpose: To bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and un-churched of this world.  Bishop Hines personally extends a warm welcome to come and worship with us here at New Covenant Christian Church. 

10603 Blackhawk Blvd Houston, TX 77089

(281) 484 – 4230


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New Covenant Christian Church has a number of ministries and services designed to keep our ministry running smoothly.

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